Notice of 2017 AGM – Wednesday 23 August from 5pm

 The Association’s next Annual General Meeting will be held at the Peregian Tennis Club  on Wednesday 23 August from 5pm.  Nominations Close  9 August, 2017 or will be taken from the floor on the day.

 þ  All the committee members shall retire from office, but will be eligible upon nomination or re-election

þ  Any two Association members shall be at liberty to nominate any member to serve on the Committee of Management Committee Members.

þ  Nominations for the Committee are to be received by the Association in writing at least 14 days prior to the AGM.  The nomination to be signed by the member, the members nominator and seconder.

þ  Nominations can be made on another’s behalf.

þ  If no written nominations are received, nominations will be taken from the floor.

þ  Should written nominations be received for each position, no nominations will be taken from the floor.

 To be eligible to serve on the Committee you must:

 þ  Be an over 18 and a member of the Association.

þ  Not be a bankrupt or one who has compounded with their creditors or otherwise taken advantage of the laws in force for the time being relating to bankruptcy;

þ  Not have been convicted of an indictable offence or of an offence punishable on summary conviction for which the person is sentenced to imprisonment otherwise than in default of payment of a fine (In the past ten years)

þ  Agree to abide by all the policies of the Association.

þ  Agree to make the club a priority by attending to matters between meetings, attending meetings and responding to other committee members.

 Voting: þ  Voting will take place at the Annual General Meeting.  For Committee positions, where more than one nomination is received, voting will be by secret ballot.

 Further Details:

 þ  Committee meetings will take place at least four times per year and although most committee work is covered outside of meetings, your commitment as a Committee member will include attendance at these meetings.

þ  As a Management Committee Member of the Association you will be subject to the Australian Corporations Law, the Incorporated Associations Act of Queensland, the ARMA Committee Code of Conduct and Governance Charter.

þ  New Management Committee Members will undergo induction immediately following their election to ensure they are fully briefed on the current agenda of the Association. (Our Constitution and Business Plan being key documents)

þ  The club has Association Liability Insurance, which covers our Management Committee Members liability in certain situations and is available to defend claims against both the organisation and its Management Committee Members individually for any matter dealt with by the Association.


Committee Member Nomination Form

 To nominate for a position on the Committee, you need to reply to the Association by 9 August 2017. 

Simply cut and paste this Nomination info into an email & send to

  I wish to nominate for the position of:

 o     President

o     Secretary

o     Treasurer

o     Committee Member (3 positions)

In nominating, I agree to abide by the policies, codes of conduct and other behavioural guides of the association for committee members and I agree that should the majority of my fellow committee members feel that I have breached the codes that my term of office can be immediately dismissed from my position on the management committee.




Nominated By: (Name)


Nominated By (Signature)


Seconded By (Name)


Seconded By (Signature)





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