Week-night comps & Kids’ Twilight comps – April 2015 results

Weeknight comp winners:

Monday: Team 5: Dan Gill, Craig Ellis and Ross Nisbett. A great finale for Dan who’s now sailing the world. R/U Team 2: San, Leon Nguyen & Jules Reed.

Tuesday: Team 3: Bob Kennedy,Jenny & Angel Taylor, Andrew Dunstan             R/U Team 6: Brian Condon, Michael Lawlor, Miranda Roney, Kym Herbert.

Wednesday.Team 3: Tony Sharpe, Emily Ray & Nicky Condon  R/U Team 1: Scott McMenamin, Kim Lahey & Jeanette Miles.

Friday twilight kidsAndrew’s run this popular comp for the last couple of years & the parents & kids really appreciate the chance to play lots of quality tennis in a good-spirited environment. Term 1 results are:

3,45pm group: Top of ladder: Luke Allen & Harry  Crokam, R/Up Logan Connors, closely followed by Jackson Collins. Team winners: Logan Connors & Harry Crokam

5.30pm group: Top of ladder: 1. Flynn Lethlean  2. Josh Baker-Lahey

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