Our Courts

Three Premium Courts

Our three courts are open. You may view the regular court hire and court bookings in the court hire section.

Contact Andrew for court hirecoaching or competitions:  0400 110 482.

Visitors are very welcome to come to the club to hire a court or join in the various social or competition tennis sessions.

Court Availability

Courts are usually available:  on Saturday and Sunday during the day, and are always available on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Courts are always available from 11am to 3pm on Sunday, Monday and Thursday mornings.

Usually fully booked: Weekdays from 3pm to 9pm (during school term) for coaching & competitions.

If you wish to book a court by phone for the weekend please try to do so by 5pm on Friday. Phone Andrew 0400110482 or use the online booking system.

We try to give our court manager a break from phone calls on the weekends – his weekdays at the club run from 6am to 10pm looking after around 200 players weekly..

Playing Surfaces And Court Sweeping

Court sand top-up is complete and our courts are at their peak, although it’s natural for underlying asphalt surfaces to be slightly uneven in parts.  Our courts are a premium surface with ‘give’ – a softness unique to grass, plus some natural  ‘slip’ factor.  Players hiring courts are welcome to sweep courts prior to play, to help level out sand moved by prior-play & to supplement our court manager’s weekly sweep.