Why play tennis?

Why is tennis is tagged the ‘sport for a lifetime’?

Science tells us there’s no doubt that tennis can improve your overall health, including your mental and physical fitness.

Think fitness, co-ordination, fine motor control, agility, bone strengthening, hand-eye co-ordination, flexibility…  and they are just the physical benefits!

That’s why tennis is the ideal sport for kids to learn early in life. What parent wouldn’t want their children to have these advantages through their growing years?

And, it’s never too late for adults of all ages to take up the game. The human system can be trained and improved at any stage of life. The key is to start playing now to get the most out of these benefits throughout your lifetime.

Tennis is truly the sport for a lifetime! The proof is in the playing.  Come and join us at Peregian Tennis Club, we have tennis for ALL ages and ALL stages!

Peregian Tennis Club’s aim is to foster health, well-being and social connection in our community by offering a wide array of tennis opportunities for everyone, regardless of their age or tennis ability.

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