Lighting & fencing projects

Court lighting.  As part of our infrastructure planning discussed at our AGM, Peregian Tennis Club is looking to update to an LED lighting system as soon as we can source funds to be able to manage such a  large ticket project – estimated cost of approx $60,000. We are applying for grants for the project but there’ll still be a (minimum) club contribution of at between 20% to 50%  of the total cost. We can claim part of this with skilled/qualified voluntary labour in areas like project management, electrical, landscaping, so please talk to Andrew or I at the club, it would make a real difference to the bottom line to be able to contribute qualified labour instead of the club’s dollars.

We are also reviewing our fencing as part of a joint project with lighting, to include the removal of the galvanised steel fencing mesh so it can be replaced with PVC coated chainmesh which can handle the environment.  Fence posts and rails would be sanded back and given a rust inhibitiing protective coating.  The cost of this will be around $20,000 and will take the club well into the next 30 years.  Comments about the plans are welcome, please talk to Andrew or Kim at the club or email



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