Autumn 2019 newsletter

Hello club members, players, supporters, 

Playing the ‘sport-for-a-lifetime’  is proven to boost your overall mental & physical fitness. Physically tennis lifts co-ordination, fine-motor-control, agility, hand-eye co-ordination, flexibility… And it’s clear that these physical systems can be trained & improved at any age.

So, how lucky are we to have a tennis club right here on our doorstep? A club that offers tennis for everyone of ALL ages and anyone of ANY tennis ability.

For starters, weekend-timeslots are aplenty, so why not get a group together for a regular court-hire session now it’s cooling off?  Our courts are open & you can easily book online 24/7.  You couldn’t find a better spot for a catch-up/BBQ after your hit on a weekend or in the school hols.

Ever tried a coach-and-play session? A flexible, fun, skill-building way to squeeze in fitness before/after work/the school-run without the need to tee up anything yourself. Easy peasy.

Families, we have Danny & Jamie both coaching here now, both with bucketloads of skill with kids’ classes. Talk to our court manager Andrew first about your classes/coaching on 0400 110 482; he’ll point you in the right direction with what’s the best fit for you..  

Remind your friends & family to come along for a game over weekends or to join the club. They don’t have to be a member to play here, but it really pays off if they’re playing regularly. Member’s court hire rates are much lower and comp rates for members are lower too.     

Membership renewals will be out in June and you’ll see we’ve reduced the rates because we’re able to take out some GST & have rounded figures off to even amounts. 

Great news for members re our club’s final fence/lights figures. The final tally matched the grant at $144,000. We were super lucky the club didn’t have to pay the usual 20% contribution, due to an unusual-ruling re regional cyclone damage.  On top of that we’d GST-registered (pre-empting the 10% tax on grant items) so also saved that. In total we saved $40,000 that we’d normally have to put in.

Another upside is our new LED-lights use half the power so we get twice the solar-power-rebate we did before. This $3,000 a yearequals about half the amount Tennis Qld recommends we put aside annually for big future upgrades, like court resurfacing (in 2022-23).

Night-comps are humming along thanks to being entirely organised for you by our court manager. Please keep in mind Andrew coaches in those crucial hours before your night-comp starts so it’s tricky for him to find last minute fill-ins. Back-up players are keen when given a decent lead-time and all-in-all it makes a big difference to everyone’s sanity if you advise − as early as you can −of absences. Also, we’ll always text you if there’s enough rain to call tennis off. Our grass can handle plenty of rain prior to play too so don’t let that put you off if you’re wondering about a hit on a weekend or just off-the-cuff.      

A few off-court snippets …

Free First Aid Training for Heart Week for two people from our club. Council’s made this offer, with day-long sessions held either Saturday 27 April or Thursday 2 May. If you can attend for sure, download the form here. Or email Kim at Be quick, they’re popular.

Our local Biggest Morning Tea is on Thursday May 2 from 10am at the Peregian Beach Digital Hub. Host Jan Romanowski has invited anyone from the tennis club to come along and join in the fun. There’s always a wonderful array of food and prizes up for grabs so be sure to pop in, even if it’s only for 15 minutes for a quick catch up with local friends. Anyone who’d like to support this worthy event with prizes or a baking contact Jan at

Council begins the new community house in Sept/Oct 2019 – on top of the carpark close alongside our club, with the main hall facing out to the north, with parking similar-to-now underneath. Downstairs a ground level external shower & toilet facility will be accessible to the club – we may convert solely to these when the top floor of our clubhouse is past it in a decade or so.  Latest plans are on our noticeboard & we are pleased to know that Grant Calder (a member) is now the new project manager.   

Random info for newer Peregianites. Did you know in 1990 the open wallum country southwest of our club − now Noosa National Park − was being eyed off for a 100-acre theme park called ‘Spaceworld’ – to be surrounded by massive tourist & residential development featuring an artificial lake?  I wonder if a statue of an Emu was going to have pride-of-place anywhere in the scheme of things …

Enjoy your tennis, Kim – Club President




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