‘How-to-enhance-Peregian’ public forum – Saturday 9 May or comment online

Update 10 May – if you were unable to attend the day, you can still comment online at http://yoursay.noosa.qld.gov.au from 4 May to 16 May!

Our club has a different outlook now the Bowls Club buildings have gone.  We look out over a lush empty green expanse where the Bowls Club once stood.

“What’s happening there?” you ask.  Well, you probably know the Bowls-club-site was bought by council last December.  Now the council plans to ask YOU want you want to do with the site.

Come along and participate at the Peregian – Your Say forum which is open to all residents.   When? Saturday 9 May 8.00am- 12.30pmish (stay for minutes or hours)  Where? Peregian Surf Club – upstairs  

Topics up for discussion are: Parking, bicycle and pedestrian pathway linkages, signage, public amenities, the skatepark, the Di Hurst oval precinct and the Rufous Street precinct development.

Tennis players & supporters, pitch your ideas into the pot – this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Sports facilities need to demonstrate wide community support & demand (eg: for the likes of multi-functional tennis/volleyball hard courts).  What do you want for yourself, your kids, your grandkids, community? Have a say!

A club with more courts can offer a far wider range of tennis options, including larger day and night competitions for juniors and adults alike, as well as a range of court surfaces.  Multi-use courts which cover several sports (tennis, volleyball, basketball) is a common scenario these days.

Think about what you want for the future of the site. What are your family and your networks’ sporting and recreation preferences?  What fantastic facilities have you seen in your work and travels?   Come and share your ideas at the Peregian – Your Say community forum!

Council will share a range of ideas on the day, previously put forward by the Peregian Beach community including  the Vision on the Village plan and input from the IT creatives who work in the village. Council staff, councillors and a surf club rep will answer queries and help brainstorm ideas.  Participants will also be invited to pen their ideas and responses on whiteboards and post-it notes.

If you want to join the conversation the forum will run between 8am and 12noon at the Peregian Beach Surf Club on Saturday, May 9. Residents can also contribute online at http://yoursay.noosa.qld.gov.au from 4 May to 16 May, 2015.


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